Safak's short bio

Safak is from Turkey where he studied hospitality and tourism throughout his high school and college years in Turkey. Then he moved to USA in 2006 after getting a Fulbright scholarship. He earned MS and PhD degrees from world famous UNLV on Hospitality Administration. He taught a few classes at UNLV and worked at various travel agents and hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt and Crowne Plaza. He met Jennifer in 2008 in Irvine California, and married her in 2012.

Safak has always been interested in travelling and pursuing various outdoor activities such as kayaking, mountaineering, paragliding, dirt bike riding, taking long road trips on a motorcycle, and chilling in the heart of mother nature by tuning into it. Safak thinks that Southwest USA provides one of the most diverse outdoor opportunities to locals and tourists. Thus he wants everyone to be able enjoy outdoor sports without sacrificing a fortune for them. Let him take you to outdoors and to the most beautiful sites around Southwest USA, which was formerly known as Wild West. 

We look forward to taking you out for a great day!