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About us

Jennifer and  Safak founded DeTourVegas LLC in April of 2013. Safak has been living in Las Vegas since 2006 and Jennifer joined him in 2009. Living in Las Vegas for all these years, they almost never gambled. What they did instead was getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful natural and geographic sites around Vegas, by kayaking in Lake Mead, mountain biking in the trails or land sailing in the desert. To share the happiness that they get from these fun and healthy outdoor activities, they founded DeTourVegas.    

DeTourVegas means doing something out of the ordinary in Las Vegas. Everyone gambles in Vegas by default, and we wanted to offer something unique and out of the ordinary gaming scene. Jennifer and Safak wanted to start a travel company that produces and distributes happiness by exposing people to the beauties of the world and nature with the excitement of cool outdoor sports that they themselves have been fascinated with. Now, they want to share their passion of outdoors with others who are keen to enjoy nature, and great sites around Las Vegas. 

Let us take you out to nature for a fun and exciting day, full of physical activity to rejuvenate you and bring your true self back to you. 

At your service, all the time...

Jennifer and Safak



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