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Adventures of Starting an Adventure Business

Las Vegas Sunsets November 07 2013, 3 Comments

For all of those who haven't been to Las Vegas, one of the things in my opinion to see is a Las Vegas sunset.  This is something hardly anyone mentions as a "to do" thing, but make sure you're outside during sunset (or sunrise, if you're still up partying). The city of Las Vegas is situated in a valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides. When the sun goes down, the mountains to the west, and the mountains to the east take on such wonderful hues of pink and orange, it's truly spectacular.

Something truly memorable is to experience this sunset while on Lake Mead. I have been out there during sunset on a speedboat, but honestly, being out on a kayak makes the whole experience so much more peaceful, it's a unique and romantic place to propose. Now that winter is here and daylight hours are shortened, if you happen to take an afternoon tour with us, you'll see these wonderful sunsets. We can even arrange for a sunset picnic or campfire which will be truly memorable.

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