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Adventures of Starting an Adventure Business

How to get more time out of your Brother TN-221 or TN-225 toner January 16 2014, 13 Comments

I ordered a new Brother printer a few months ago - it's model HL-3170CDW. I love it, it's a color laser printer with separate toners for each color, so you only replace the color that's low. I wet to print some more liability forms, and our printer showed low toner. The last page that printed was great, and I didn't have any new toners at home, and the stores nearby don't have it in stock. I found that you can make the message go away with a few very simple steps if you have this, a Brother HL-3140CW, or a HL3150CDW printer. 

1) Open the top cover of the printer

2) While the cover is open, press the SECURE and CANCEL buttons at the same time.

3) Now you are in the reset menu. Select the toner color you want to reset. Once you have reset the toner and close the top of the printer, the printer will take a few moments to process and you are ready to print!

Now you can print a few extra pages while you wait for your toner to come in the mail. Hope this helped someone. 

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